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What is Abacus?

Abacus is a brain development tool. An ancient mathematical device, Abacus helps to improve important traits among your children including Concentration, Photographic Memory, Fast Recall capacity and accurate calculations. Abacus helps in development of both, left as well as right brain and helps build confidence among young learners.

Why Abacus Education?

In today’s world it is essential for our children to move at a fast pace, for this we require to prepare them accordingly. Abacus helps your children to save time for very basic school activities like quick calculation and improved concentration. Abacus is a tool to learn math calculation like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Abacus helps to develop the right brain of the child and helps improve concentration, memory, fast reading, learning ability, better analyzing skill, visualizing power and it helps boos the child’s confidence.

How Abacus learning can help improve your child’s efficiency?

Abacus is a tool that works on visualization and photographic memory concept. Our brain is divided into two parts, the left brain and the right brain. The Left Brain is responsible for analyzing the information, concerning language and Sound. The Right Brain takes care of integrating information, thinking and creativity. The Left and Right brains have their own special functions. With Abacus we aim to activate both parts of the brain simultaneously to produce better results.

Abacus course helps to develop

  • Confidence
  • Develop Creativity
  • Quick Calculation
  • Memory Power
  • Improved Concentration
  • Better Recall
  • Fast Information Process

Course Details

  • Levels – 4
  • Duration – 3 Months per level
  • Schedule – 1 Class every Sunday for two hours
  • Examination – As Per level


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