About our Sparkle Academy

Why Sparkle Academy – Sparkle Academy managed by SAEUOR Educators Pvt. Ltd. started in 2009 as a brand that has envisaged on a journey to change the face of education and the way people look at pre-primary education and school going children’s tuition. Our vision is to provide the right stepping stone to move up the ladder of success. At Sparkle Academy we treat each child as an individual and ensure that the child is provided a structured learning program as per their individual ability.

The child’s early years are crucial in their development as a strong and mature human being. We ensure that the development is all round in their physical, intellectual, emotional and social set up. Children are taught to interact with each other and to develop their skills through various activities.

Our Mission - To provide affordable and quality education and to groom the citizens of tomorrow in all forms of education.

Our Vision - To be the frontrunner in all verticals of education and diversify and achieve impeccable credentials in all educational verticals globally.


  • Sparkle Academy started in 2009 with the Preschool and Tuitions section with a vision to provide quality education and groom the citizens of tomorrow.
  • In 2012 Drawing Class were introduced to give wings to our children imagination
  • On 1st December 2013 we started our teachers training course Affiliated to All India Institute of Child Care and Education to ensure that all our teachers are well trained and hands on.
  • On 10th September 2013 we moved to a new premise with an area on 800 sqft.

Awards and Honours Received.

  • 2011 – For enhancing children’s Inner Ability and give them Encouragement by Atharva Trust.
  • 2012 - For enhancing children Inner Ability and give them Encouragement by Atharva Trust.

Leadership Team


With immense pride and great pleasure, I welcome you to our school “Divine Santo Nino International School.” Our Motto – “Ignite Curious Mind, As Every Student Matters” is a pathway to fulfilling dreams for a Sparkling Future”. All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.” This thought of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir sums-up the vision and mission of Divine Santo Nino International School. We provide skill based education from KG to XII. Our Vision has always been to be the front runner and provide impeccable quality in all forms of education. Our Objective is not only to ensure education but understanding of the reasons, methodology facts and figures of various concepts which can be inculcated in our day to day life.

We shoulder the responsibility to cater the best quality education at National as well as Global level. We aspire to inspire our students to grow into the ideal role model for the future generation while becoming responsible citizens of the country. We believe in a perfect balance between the scholastic and co-scholastic areas bringing about excellence in education. At Divine Santo Nino International School we motivate our students to realise their dreams no matter how challenging it is.


I believe that Education has no limit. It transforms an individual into a unique personality. Education is not a preparation for exams. It is a preparation for life itself. Our school plays an immense role in creating an environment to nuture, shape and channelise children in the right direction.

Fostering academic excellence through inculcating international curriculum emphasizing to create a global student and compete oneself for the future challenges. For realising the vision of the school we stand committed to provide outstanding guidance, leadership, innovative and allround education. We work on the pillars of involvement, integrity, identity, learning, relationships and connections. I consider and treat each child as an individual and ensure that the child is provided a structured learning program as per their individual ability.
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